My course fees follow a fixed format and cover these elements:

  • My presentation
  • The cost of the food which varies from caterer to caterer or restaurant to restaurant
  • Seven or five wines, depending on the price of the wines and the number of bottles required
  • Travel costs


Pairing wine, wit and, well, food

Melvyn Minnaar on 16 November 2009

"In the arcane challenge of pairing wine and food, Katinka van Niekerk has no equal. Now she’s put it all down in writing."

Full review as a blog post on Grape.

Sunbathing in the Nude

Neil Pendock on 14 November 2009

"For lovers of food and quizzes, F&WPG is a most appropriate Christmas stocking filler and goes well with all wines."

Full review as a blog post on Pendock uncorked.

Take the whine out of giving. From books to bottles, you can't go wrong with wine

Myrna Robbins' review is on this website under What Reviewers Say continued.

Books on my bedside table during 2009

Micheal Olivier's review is also available under What Reviewers Say continued.


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The Food and Wine Pairing Guide can be purchased from your local bookshop such as Exclusive Books, Wordsworth, PNA, CNA and other bookshops and also in Woolworths; or

directly from me at course venues at a discounted price.

For orders of 7 guides or more, including free delivery, contact Jana Lazarus at foodwineguide@gmail.com


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